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Secured Signing Brings Digital Era to Government Agencies

Digital certificate means the electronic doc file that is issued by a Government Certification Authority. The Digital Signature certificate includes the information about the person for whom the certificate is issued as well as the certifying authority. These all certificates are issued by reliable agencies called Certifying Authority (CA). It is similar to the electronic ID card that includes all the information regarding ID cardholder. Digital certificate offers the most reliable way to ensure about your identify. Moreover, it proves your electronic access for information or getting service online. It is widely used to authenticate that user who is sending a message or claiming for a service is a right receiver. So, after getting a digital certificate, user can encode a message.

There are number of certificate authority is available which is considered the trusted central administrative body. They have the authority to issue digital certificate to users. There are various important aspects that one needs to keep in mind while considering the digital certificate including identification information, cryptographic keys and digital signature. All the CA works on a guiding principle to verify the indentifying information for issuing the certificate for a holder. Digital certificate must include number of information to issue an authorized certificate such as name of organization or individual, business address, digital signature, public key, serial number, valid issued date and valid expiration date.

Identification information of the card holder lies in cryptographic keys. The certificate comes up with a pair of coupled cryptographic keys including symmetric and asymmetric cryptographic. Symmetric cryptographic key uses only single key between two parties including encryption and decryption. Asymmetric cryptographic uses different keys between two parties, and encryption and decryption is done by different keys. These all keys work in pairs. In this process one key is public to all that is only for the owner known as public key. The private key is distributed to all the users. The key is also specific for one customer to other. The basic usage of these keys is to encrypt and decrypt the messages and ensure the safety of whole transaction process.

The best way to confirm the authentication of the author or publisher is code signing certificate. Authoring programmer offers a software program that is well known and trusted. Code signing certificate authenticate the author and publisher for the application and content using the electronic media. Code signing certificate depends on the digital signature technology. The technique is specific and issued by internationally trusted certificate authority. When certificate is issued, developers use the private key associate signing the content, code or script. Then the web user can download the signed code and get a copy of certificate to authenticate the identity.


September 29th, 2015

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